Step 1:

Enter Your Locations & Equipment



The first thing to do is create all of your physical locations so that you can properly assign equipment to that location.


You may only have one location to manage or you may have many locations, each with their own set of equipment.





After you've created your locations, you can then create equipment for each location.

Creating equipment is easy. (see image)

For each piece of equipment, you can assign a Maintenance Plan.  This is where you unlock the real power of the app!




Step 2:

Create Maintenance Plans

Maintenance plans are a predefined set of tasks that can be assigned to equipment to be carried out on a regular basis.

For example, you can assign a set of standard maintenance tasks to be completed every month in accordance with compliance requirements.

Step 3:

Scheduling Tasks

You can easily schedule ongoing maintenance by assigning one or many maintenance plans to equipment and assigning a frequency. 

For example, you can assign a separate maintenance plan for monthly maintenance and a separate plan for annual.

Every night a process runs that will create the scheduled work orders and dump them in a queue for pickup or assignment. 

Push notifications can be sent alerting the team they've been assigned a work order.


Step 4:

Work Orders


Work orders contain tasks that must be completed in order to close the work order.

Work orders can be assigned to an individual or picked up from a queue by team members. 

Save time by automating your workflow by creating Equipment and Maintenance Plans.

Easy enough!

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